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28 April 1982
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I am Mimi and you've stumbled upon my journal one way or another. I'll warn you right off the bat I am opinionated and have a big mouth, so there's always that potential to offend someone, though it's never my intention. I talk about my life a bit, but I like to talk about my hobbies more. First off, I'm a total fandom geek so there is a lot of squeeing and fan fiction and recs and all sorts of stuff like that afoot. I am also a doll/horse/vintage toy collector, so I like to post my thoughts on different lines and of course my successful toy hunts! I also enjoy crafting, photography, music, movies, reading...lots of stuff that's fun to share with people and to meet new people through, which is what I want to do here!

A little about me...I'm a freelance writer and I would list my passions in life as writing and animal rescue. I am the proud HuMom of four dogs and four cats, all rescues. I don't talk about this much here or anywhere else, but I also have a secret...I have Tourette's syndrome. Why am I telling you? Because I want everyone to know that we're just normal people who sometimes twitch and have a propensity to swear (though very few of scream obscenities like you see in the movies.) I'm a country girl at heart, and my dream is to move out onto my own homestead and open a small, local rescue of my own. Overall, I think life is a journey and everyday can be an adventure. I'm blessed to have wonderful people (and animals) around me to enjoy it with! :)

******This Journal Is Partially Friend Locked******

In other words, there are some things I share freely and other things I would prefer to share with a controlled audience.

Open - Fan fiction, most fandom talk, most toy collecting discussion, photos of my pets, other pictures, funny stuff, animal rescue, crafting, family friendly opinions, music, movies, books, writing.

Locked - Personal life, love life, Tourettes/mental health, religion, politics, opinions that might cause controversy, smut, anything sexually explicit, photos of myself, erotica.